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Kubernetes Learning Tutorial

The Kubernetes Learning Journey

Speaker: Michael Cade, Senior Technologist, Product Strategy, Kasten by Veeam
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In this live stream, we will take a look at the new Kasten community initiative to enable the community to get hands-on with Kubernetes. We will be focusing in on but we will also be taking a look at a local lab environment that can be built on any OS which will give you hands-on experience with data services locally on your laptop.

Speaker Bio:
A community first technologist for Kasten by Veeam Software. Based in the UK with over 16 years of industry experience with a key focus on technologies such as cloud native, automation and data management. His role at Kasten is to act as a technical thought leader, community champion and project owner to engage with the community to enable influencers and customers to overcome the challenges of Cloud Native Data Management and be successful, speaking at events sharing the technical vision and corporate strategy whilst providing ongoing feedback from the field into product management to shape the future success.