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Scality Webinar

How Cloud-native & Cloud-aware Data Storage Can Add Value to Your New Application Workloads

Over the last few years, we have seen enterprise customers increasingly leverage the hybrid-cloud model for data management to enable new use-cases. On top of this trend, new cloud-native services deployed in Kubernetes are changing the way applications provision, access, and manage data storage. This session will explore how these new workloads can use data storage designed specifically for cloud-native environments, while also leveraging smart “cloud-aware” data management policies across on-premises and public cloud data storage.
As Chief Product Officer, Paul leads Scality’s product marketing organization, product strategy, and technical directions. Paul’s experience spans 20+ years of industry experience at companies such as IBM and Oracle as well as successful startups. Before Scality, he was fortunate to have been part of several exciting early-stage cloud and storage companies, including Q-layer; one of the first cloud orchestration companies (the last company acquired by Sun® Microsystems). Paul was also VP of Products for Amplidata (acquired by Western Digital®) focused on early object storage products, and startups building scalable, high-performance file storage solutions.