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DirectCSI: Enabling I/O Intensive Workloads with Kubernetes Object Storage


The relationship between Kubernetes and storage continues to evolve. In the early days, adding volumes for container access required coding. Then came the Computer Storage Interface (CSI) that defined a standard interface for Kubernetes to expose storage systems to containers and their workloads. CSI was a step forward because it made it easier to expose volumes to Kubernetes workloads, but CSI, while it has some value, for example when legacy apps running on Kubernetes need to access legacy file-and-block storage, is not the answer for demanding distributed workloads.

DirectCSI, a CSI driver that provisions volumes for workloads that require direct access to the storage medium, is the next step forward in I/O intensive Kubernetes storage. DirectCSI provides high-consistency guarantees and highly reliable performance for workloads to directly access storage and the storage medium. This session will provide some background on the various techniques and then proceed to a hands-on tutorial of DirectCSI.


Daniel Valdivia | Engineer | MinIO, Inc.
@dvaldivia | Github: dvaldivia | LI:

Daniel Valdivia is an engineer with MinIO where he focuses on Kubernetes, ML/AI, and VMware. Prior to joining MinIO, Daniel was the Head of Machine Learning for Espressive. Daniel has held senior application development roles with ServiceNow, Oracle, and Freescale. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.