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Cloud Native Data Management Day EU 2022 is LIVE

Tuesday May 17, 2022
Valencia, Spain

Live Stream

Cloud Native Data Management Day is FREE and LIVE in person and streaming online Tuesday May 17th.

As the cloud native community gathers in Valencia, Spain for KubeCon 2022, we will get together for another Cloud Native Data Management Day. It’s time for more great stories and lessons learned on all things data and storage with everything in between. This is a hybrid event—join us in person or streaming online.


CNDM Day is FREE on Tuesday May 17, 2022


Casino Cirsa Valencia
Cortes Valencianas, 59
46015 Valencia
Tel: 900 208 308


Lunch & Networking @ 12:00 CEST
Program @ 13:00 CEST
End @ 16:00 CEST



Welcome From Host

Speaker: Tom Leyden @tomme, VP Marketing, Kasten by Veeam

Tom Leyden

Tom Leyden

VP Marketing

Kasten by Veeam

13:05-13:15 (1:05-1:15)

An Inside Look at What’s Hot on The New Stack

Speaker: Alex Williams @alexwilliams, Founder and Editor in Chief, The New Stack

Abstract: What’s hot on The New Stack? TNS Founder and Publisher Alex Williams will take the Cloud Native Day Management audience through a quick overview of our latest reader survey and the top posts from the past week and month. It will be a jam-packed 10 minutes of insights and info for those looking to know what developers and software engineers are seeing as what’s hot!

Alex Williams

Alex Williams

Founder and Editor in Chief

The New Stack


The Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Journey and Cassandra

Speaker: Raghavan Srinivas @ragss, Developer Advocate/Architect, Datastax

Abstract: Although some of today’s cloud properties, like elasticity, scalability, self-healing, durability, DR, etc. seemed revolutionary during the pre-cloud days, Cassandra had many of these properties already. With the ever growing popularity of Kubernetes, the k8ssandra open source project is intended to bring Cassandra’s advantages to the cloud and help simplify operations.

The biggest challenge in the Kubernetes world today is multi-cluster/multi-region/multi-cloud. Although it is easy to conceptualize, it is hard to implement. Attend this session for a quick overview of Cassandra, k8ssandra and Astra (DBaas). You will see how the worlds of Cassandra and Kubernetes on the cloud collide in a remarkably cohesive way to incorporate the best of both.

After attending this primarily demo driven session, attendees will walk away with a good understanding of the k8ssandra project and how it is evolving to support multi-region and multi-cloud. Along this journey we will look at one-off deployments on GKE, EKS including multi-cloud (GKE and EKS). On EKS, we leverage EKS Kubefed. We will conclude with a big bang demo. on the three public clouds with k8ssandra operator.

Raghavan Srinivas

Raghavan Srinivas

Developer Advocate/Architect



An agent-less application-aware Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) approach for your stateful Kubernetes workloads

Speaker: Luis Rico @LuisRico__, Business Development Manager, Astra Control, NetApp

Abstract: Your organization, company, or division has embarked on an app modernization and digital transformation journey, resulting in wide adoption of containers and Kubernetes. Some of these applications are stateful and are using persistent storage with valuable data for your company. You are responsible for delivering the same data protection levels, business continuity guarantees (RPO and RTO), disaster readiness, audit, and retention requirements for modern apps that you provide for your traditional applications.

NetApp Astra Control Service is a managed service providing data management for Kubernetes applications running in the public cloud, helping you to achieve those objectives. It’s an agent-less solution that can continuously discover applications in your Kubernetes clusters and allows you to:

  • Create application-aware and application consistent snapshots and backups
  • Automate policy-driven snapshot and backup operations
  • Migrate applications and data from one Kubernetes cluster to another
  • Easily clone an application from production to staging
  • Provide disaster recovery for your mission critical workloads

In this talk, we’ll dive into the features of Astra Control Service and demonstrate how easy is to use it.


Luis Rico

Business Development Manager, Astra Control


14:15-15:00 (2:15-3:00)

Kubernetes, Cyber Attacks and Data – Planning for the inevitable

Panel discussion

Moderator: Camberley Bates @camberleyb, Managing Director, Evaluator Group, Inc.

Abstract: Ransomware is top of mind for all IT organizations and their C-Suite. Kubernetes and the use of open source poses new threats to the playing field and requires the same diligence applied to bare metal, VM environments, etc. This session will discuss what is unique about the Kubernetes/container environment and what strategies and technologies are being deployed to address ransomware protection and recovery.


Aditya Dani, Software Architect, Portworx by Pure Storage

Enrico Bartz @ebartz90, Head of Competence Center Container and Multi-Cloud Management, SVA

Joey Lei @leizerbeam, Principal Product Manager, Kasten by Veeam

Guillaume Moutier, Senior Principal Data Engineering Architect, Red Hat

Camberley Bates

Camberley Bates

Managing Director

Evaluator Group, Inc.

Aditya Dani

Aditya Dani

Software Architect

Portworx by Pure Storage

Enrico Bartz

Enrico Bartz

Head of Competence Center Container and Multi-Cloud Management


Joey Lei

Joey Lei

Principal Product Manager

Kasten by Veeam

Tom Manville

Tom Manville

VP of Engineering

Kasten by Veeam

Guillaume Moutier

Guillaume Moutier

Senior Principal Data Engineering Architect

Red Hat

15:00-15:20 (3:00-3:20)

Data Protection for Kubernetes – Recommendations from the Data Protection Working Group

Panel discussion

Speakers: Dave Smith-Uchida, Technical Leader at Kasten by Veeam

Xing Yang, Cloud Native Storage Tech Lead, VMware

Abstract: The Data Protection Working Group is dedicated to promoting data protection support in Kubernetes, identifying missing functionality and working together to design features to enable data protection support. Recently the working group released a white paper titled: Data Protection Workflows, which describes how to identify resources for data protection, what is the volume backup and restore workflow, and what is the application snapshot, backup, and restore workflow.

Xing Yang and Dave Smith-Uchida will present and discuss this white paper, and their presentation will answer the following questions:

Why do we need data protection in Kubernetes?

What is currently available in Kubernetes?

What functionalities are missing in Kubernetes to support data protection?

Dave Smith-Uchida

Dave Smith-Uchida

Technical Leader

Kasten by Veeam

Xing Yang

Xing Yang

Cloud Native Storage Tech Lead


15:20-15:40 (3:20-3:40)

Database-as-a-Service with Kubernetes Operators

Speaker: Ron Ekins @RonEkins, Principal Field Solutions Architect, Office of the CTO, Pure Storage

Abstract: In this session Ron will examine the functionality database administrators require from Kubernetes database Operators. Ron will explore the status of various Operators and discuss if they are ready to deliver enterprise quality Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). Throughout this session Ron will demonstrate features and provide attendees code examples to get started delivery their own DBaaS.

Ron Ekins

Ron Ekins

Principal Field Solutions Architect, Office of the CTO

Pure Storage

15:40-16:00 (3:40-4:00)

Taming Your Data: Building Reliable Stateful Applications in Kubernetes

Speaker: Tom Manville @tdmanv, VP of Engineering, Kasten by Veeam

Abstract: The cloud native ecosystem is a thriving community that supports modern application stacks. There are hundreds of cloud native projects and companies that support a countless number of environments. Kubernetes and other cloud native projects were designed to provide a common abstraction to reign in this complexity and manage a platform for reliably testing, developing, deploying, and running your applications.

Reliability is most important for stateful applications, which also tend to be the most complex. Thankfully, Kubernetes includes a set of primitives that allows you to control the reliability of your entire application, including its data. In this talk, we’ll walk through all the considerations needed to ensure that you can reliably manage stateful applications in your cloud native environment

Tom Manville

Tom Manville

VP of Engineering

Kasten by Veeam

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